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Over the years we’ve developed an Artist Growth Process™ for working with world class, award-winning artists. As the client, it all starts with you. The first step (A) includes an in-depth conversation where we ask you to look into the future and describe what has to happen for you to feel happy with your progress if we were looking back over the years together. From this conversation we help you identify and articulate your biggest goals which we will aim to capture together as a team.

The next step (B) involves some of the tools we’ve developed to help you stay focused on moving forward toward your goals. For example, The Fully Integrated Artistis a unique tool for breaking down the most important aspects of your career and scoring each one so you can establish a baseline from which to move forward.

Likewise, artists we work with who do not have formal management can benefit from our No Management Solution™, in which we offer additional value added services such as travel and logistics, show marketing, and assistance in advancing dates. We also produce our own podcast called Speaking of the Arts, which is broadcast directly to our database of presenters. This is a great opportunity for them to hear directly from the artist about new projects.

The last step (C) is where we look back over our first year together and review all of the progress you’ve made. From there, we help you to establish new long-term goals so the process repeats but with bigger and bigger results each time. If you would like more information on the Artist Growth Process™ or think you might benefit from it please contact us today.