featuring Ron Carter, Benny Golson, Tootie Heath, Jimmy Cobb, and/or Houston Person

Emmet Cohen’s mission is to celebrate the last remaining legendary jazz artists from an era long gone, by documenting, featuring, and preserving their artistry and excellence in the later stages of their careers. As the producer of the Masters Legacy Series, Cohen has released two acclaimed recordings including Volume 1 with Jimmy Cobb and Volume 2 with Ron Carter.  Subsequent recordings are scheduled to follow.  A live concert features one of these elder jazz statesmen up close and personal playing in the Emmet Cohen Trio. This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience any of these renowned artists in concert.

“Despite being one of the most original, identifiable, and recorded musicians of the 20th century, throughout our live recording, Mr. Carter’s bass lines and musicality continuously surprised and inspired me to reach for new harmonic heights. I felt his dedication to the moment and his stoic presence, yet I also felt him taking daring risks, pushing my capabilities, and driving each tune down an untested path. Even listening back to the album, experiencing Mr. Carter is exhilarating.”   Emmet Cohen