Epstein & Company is a licensed performing arts agency representing artists of the highest caliber.

The agency is honored to work with artists who are recognized throughout the world for their level of excellence and inspiration, who remind us how powerful music and the arts can be.

WE BELIEVE the world is a better place when music and the arts thrive.

OUR PURPOSE is to create massive opportunities for artists to inspire humanity.

OUR MISSION is to help artists achieve higher levels of success by creating a unique, custom-designed booking process designed entirely around the unique capabilities of each artist. The process identifies the most important goals and opportunities available to each artist and strives to eliminate the obstacles standing in their way.

In 2018, Epstein & Company partnered with CAMI Music to book the first ever jazz festival in Saudi Arabia.

In 2017, Epstein & Company announced a partnership with the MusicLink Foundation to help students in need who would otherwise not be able to afford private music lessons. Each time an organization books one of our artists, we set aside a portion of our booking income in the form of our own “giving back” fund which we then donate to MusicLink. You can learn more about this initiative here.

In 2015, Epstein & Company launched a new podcast called Speaking of the Arts. The podcast features industry experts discussing a wide variety of topics and aims to serve our community by fostering discussion among creative individuals. The podcast is free and available for listening here.