Photos of Henry Bulter/ Steve Bernstein Hot 9 band project photo session at New York LIve Arts on January 29, 3014.
Photo Credit:  Stephanie Berger

“The year’s most exciting collaboration… [a] brilliant blend of virtuosity and cheekiness.” DOWNBEAT

BUTLER, BERNSTEIN, & THE HOT 9 is an artistic collaboration destined to happen. Ever since New Orleans singer and pianist Henry Butler settled in Brooklyn, it was only a matter of time before the gifted pianist and vocalist hooked up with retro-futurist trumpeter and bandleader Steven Bernstein.

Master musician, pianist and vocalist Henry Butler tells stories through the rise, swing, and rumble of his fingers as they channel sounds as diverse as his Louisiana birthplace: jazz, Caribbean, classical, pop, blues and R&B, among others. The combination of trumpeter/maestro Steven Bernstein and the fiery unit he calls the Hot 9, use a traditional New Orleans palate as their launching point; exploring everything from early 20th century blues to thoughtful and exhilarating improvisations on the Crescent City canon.

Their first release for Impulse! “Viper’s Drag” has been at the top on many “best of” lists including #1 Jazz record by The London Sunday Times. Legendary choreographer Twyla Tharp chose their music to celebrate her 50th anniversary tour.